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Vented jacket and pants

With the current heat and predictions of a heat wave, a summer suit is a godsend.

It is great that KTM Powerwear has something nice in their assortment. Unfortunately the pants are not in 2 length sizes. For example, you get at size M: 32/32 and 32/34 is not possible. If it is possible, then I prefer to use the longer size.

We tested this suit at various temperatures, where 20 degrees is the minimum in Holland.
It sits well and falls well, but the pants crawl slightly, when sitting on the motorcycle. So it’s a pity he’s not there with longer leg pipes. The knee protector also sits on the high side.
The bags and the protection are sufficient. But it is advisable to buy a back protector. Costs only 20 euros. Safety is important.
The pants can be connected to the jacket with a zipper. I wouldn’t know why you would like that, but it can.

However, you have to make sure that you put the front zipper together tight and close it carefully. Indeed, the zipper wants to go from below, if you do not pay attention.


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