SW-Motech lowered foot pegs

I am using multiple types of boots for my motorcycles.

When i am travelling on an allroad machine, then i usually wear my Alpine Stars Toucan waterproof boots. In summer i wear Alpine Stars J-6 waterproof motorcycle shoes. For MX i have the Alpine Stars Tech10 and for other kind of street bikes I use Sidi Cobra waterproof boots. Yes, i am fond of waterproof. This happens when you had to ride around on a cold day with wet socks in your boots…
Why all the Alpine Stars? Just like them. Great quality gear.

Why the lowered foot pegs?

Before buying it, I testdrove the bike while wearing my motor shoes. Riding position seemed OK, so neglected this.
After owning it for 1 month (and 750km of riding), it started raining and i switched to my Toucans…
Then i noticed that my leg position was uncomfortable and causing cramps when i started riding. NOT GOOD.
After looking at the shoes and the boots, i concluded that there was 1cm difference in height between shoes and boots.

Conclusion: Foot Peg height is too high.
According to the Owners Manual, page 134, you have 2 height positions available on your KTM. Mine were already in the lowest position and without rubber inserts.
So i started looking around for alternatives. And that was quite a long Google search session…
However, i found some options:

  1. Knight Design (USA, unknown how much lower, aluminum, a lot larger, nice looking, flat upper edge) $200 (shipping will be approx $60)
  2. RadeGarage (Czech Republic, 1cm lower, aluminum, a lot larger, looking a bit weird, flat upper edge) € 123,= (€138,= including shipping)
  3. SW-Motech ION (Germany, adjustable, max 1.5cm lower, aluminum + cast stainless, removable rubber inlay, looking nice, rounded upper edge) €95,= (€100,= including shipping)
  4. SW-Motech EVO (Germany, multi adjustable, also in angle, max lowered unknown, aluminum + cast stainless, removable rubber inlay, looking nice, upper edge unknown) €124,= (€129,= including shipping)

The choice was easy: we opted for the SW-Motech ION


The set of foot pegs was delivered 2 days after ordering and we installed them immediately.
They came well packed and proteced, including everything needed plus manuals in German and English.

Mounting is easy, when you have some experience with KTM motocross bikes like me. The old pegs are exactly the same as the ones mounted on the 125sx (2011) of my daughter.

First thing you need to do is put a tie-wrap around the ends of the springs. See images. Because if you don’t do that, they will expand and you will have a very hard time compressing them again.
With the tie-wrap in place, it will only take you 10 minutes per footpeg to replace them.

When mounted, the pedals need to be re-adjusted. My shift pedal was too low, so i do not adjust that yet.
The brake pedal will also need some adjusting to your liking. You can find this in the user manual of your 1290 (Page 142).
I needed to screw the M6 thread fully into the ball joint (max 14mm will go in). Wanted to screw further, because i like the pedal te be just below my shoe. But that is not possible; then I need to shorten it a little.
For standing position on the bike, the brake pedal position is now just perfect.