Wider sidestand foot

The side stand foot of the KTM 1290R is reasonably big.

But not big enough.
When parking my bike at the MX track (sand and gravel), the foot sank away a little bit. The bike looked like tipping over, but that did not happen.
It did not feel good leaving the bike there like that.
I don’t like to carry some kind of widener with me. So there must be found a more permanent solution.

And there is…
I choose one from Touratech, just because i had to order some other stuff too.


This is just a 10min job and all fits easy and reliable.
A good manual (1 piece of paper) is included.
This foot is a great piece of quality with stainless steel and aluminum parts and stainless steel bolts.

As an extra, the bike stands a little bit more straight up. Just perfectly.