Chain lock, Roadlok, alarm + storage

My insurance company required me to buy a 4star (ART4) kind of lock.

So i started looking around and Googling. There is so much to choose from: chain locks, front wheel locks, disc locks, shackle lock, locks with alarm integrated. And so on…
The only thing is i regret that the default KTM frontwheel disc lock (Roadlok) is not ART4 certified. Also the KTM Powerparts alarm system is not suitable for my insurance. Although those KTM Powerparts are very expensive, they are also very user friendly.
This KTM disc lock looks very rigid and strong. It even looks nice.

Quickly i choose for a long and heavy chain lock, as they also required that i put the bike to a “grounded” fence, anchor, or whatever is available in my own garage.
So it is the Vinz 180cm. Also bought a Vinz remindercable. Just in case….
I also obtained a disclock with alarm, however thieves know their business and are mostly able to quickly disable an alarmed lock with chewing gum.

My bike does not have the KTM Powerparts alarm system, but i am thinking about buying it. Simply because it is so easy to use and it will go off as soon as the bike moves. It can be enabled by just pressing the remote button.

In my opinion you can never have too much locks on your 20k+ bike. The more locks means the more work to unlock for potential thieves and that will be discouraging for them.

The storage

When you have to carry a 5,5kg lock chain with you on your motorcycle, you have a serious problem….

Happily, my bike was accidentally equiped with some seemingly useless aluminum Touratech toolbox about the exhaust, between rear wheel and Touratech side case. See photo 1.
That made it a perfect storage for the chain lock.

However, it looks rediculous, etcetera.

After some longtime Googling i found only 2 suppliers of lockable toolboxes that could fit on the same place as the current Touratech toolbox at the exhaust side (right).

  1. CJDesigns LLC (USA, ugly box, not lockable) $195,= (black powdercoating adds $50) (Plus shipping $65,=)
  2. MyTech (Italy, nice black coated box, lockable) €130,= (Plus shippping: 154,40)
  3. Build it myself. Currently not an option because of lack of time.

So the choice was MyTech. E-mailing with them was pleasant and the deal was quickly. This box is lockable, reasonably water resistant and looks nice. See photo’s.