Exhaust, Ignition and Intake improvements

This KTM 1290 Super Adventure has 160 horsepower, so why fiddling with exhaust, intake, injection and ignition?

Well, the reason is… Because I can….
The manufacturers are being forced to commit to Euro 4 or 5 regulations. Currently the only way to meet this, is to use emission control systems (e.g. like catalysator, etc) and inject an extreme lean mixture.
All of this leads to a machine that runs very nervous and lean below 5000rpm. Also are those machines running very hot because of the lean mixture.

To my simple opinion it is all just a political thing. A masquarade for the media to look “green”. But it is NOT. My machine has MORE torque, MORE horsepower, runs smoother, idles better and last but not least: uses LESS gasoline. Less gasoline means less pollution.
But let’s not dive into politics. The technical part is much more fun.
I already did similar thing before with my 2006 BMW R1200GS. (catless pipe, K&N intake system, DynoJet PC-V). After that it ran and performed like the later DOHC GS.

Exhaust system

Arrow stainless steel catless header pipes and Titanium/Carbon slip-on

The standard pipe is BIG and ugly. It sounds like…. Don’t know…a pig farting? Doesn’t sound nice at all. I am from a generation where sound matters, sorry. The Arrow Maxi-Racetec Titanium sounds and looks great !
I am fan of Akrapovic, they look good and sound nice. But hey, everybody already has the big fat Akra…. They’re pricy too.

Air intake system

Rottweiler SAS/Canister removal kit and Rottweiler Intake System Stage 5-IM

Well, when you decide to change exhaust, remove O2-sensors, then you better go for the full monty. So I installed everything, like Rottweiler did with their bike, see here on their page.

One little thing to mention is that my bike sounds now fairly loud from the intake…
I like it, but i do use ear plugs.

Blab la

Fuel & Ignition

DynoJet Power Commander V

Already had some very good experience with the PC-V on my BMW. So putting it on my KTM was logic, like Rottweiler did.
I do not use the AutoTune (yet) and the POD-300. Currently i see no use for the Autotune. Perhaps in the future i might change this opinion