Puig replacement screen

The 1290R is equipped with a rally type wind screen.

That is perfect when you ride at low speed or offroad.
However… i do not ride offroad with this bike (yet) and i use this bike quite a lot on highways (autosnelweg).
Then again; this screen is not a problem at high speeds, but you must wear ear plugs because of the rather loud and annoying wind noises.
First i must say that KTM did a rather good job, because in this status the KTM performs way better then my old 2006 BMW R1200GS did with either the original, a Wunderlich or a Givi Airflow screen. (They all caused loud rattling and shaking my teeth out)

So, looking around led me to following suppliers:

  1. Givi
  2. Touratech
  3. Puig

Of all the brands and screens that I found, the Puig looked best (this is personal). I had 2 choices: with or without extra spoiler. But i had heard very good reviews about that spoiler, so i simply decided to gamble and buy the Puig Touring + spoiler (€140,= free shipping).
This screen arrived quickly in a damaged box. But luckily no damage to the screen and I built it on right away. It is only a 15 minutes job.

Then i took it out testdriving and i was very impressed by the silence on the motorway. There is only some rattling when a car drives ahead of you. Just take a little more distance (it’s even safer).
Have tested it now for some time and are very happy with it. The spoiler really works and it took some time fiddling with it to get it into the right position.
Because of my length (1.82m) i just look over the screen. Not a problem there. Possibly because of my Schuberth C4 helmet