Camel Tank

The “white” Superadventure had a 30 liter gas tank. That was a nice feature, because it gives a “super adventure” exactly the radius it needs.
For some reason, KTM decided that from the 2017 model 23 litres (average 400km range) were sufficient.

This is actually enough for an engine that uses 1liter on the 20kilometer.
But for my goals that’s not enough.
A travel range of 600km comes more close to what we want to be able to get.

Actually there is only one possibility at the moment: camel ADV’s camel Tank.
Not a cheap solution (cheap is just a jerrycan of 5 litres extra to your luggage rack), but a permanent and solid solution.
The Camel tank is built at the rear left side of your bike and is suitable to fit exactly between the unused space of your Touratech luggage rack.

The installation of the tank is not done within an hour, as the movie on Youtube of Camel ADV wants you to believe. It takes you at least an entire afternoon.
The fuel tank has to be removed and the luggage rack must be cut off and must be adjusted (sawing, filing, spraying work).
However, it is easy to do. The current set is no longer supplied with a motocross vent, but there is a bluish transparent hose that needs to be put forward and placed together with the other drain hoses.

We have not used that blue hose. We have previously removed the SAS cannister and the entire EURO4 stuff and therefore a nice set of original hoses remained. The hose that originally ran from the tank vent to charcoal cannister (below the rear side of the buddyseat) can be used.

Also, we did not use the U-shaped fill ring of 3mm (which must be fit between the rear top of the tank and the mounting hole; see middle picture above). No idea why it should be used, but if you do use it, your rack will not fit right. So forget about that thing.

It is also not mentioned that you have to use the extra thick ring at the front of the inside (about 10mm thick). It is necessary. Otherwise the front suitcase mounting clamp will not fit nicely.

Your Touratech luggage rack must be modified. A support has to be cut off and a movie on Youtube shows exactly what and how to do it with a 1190; The actions are identical for a 1290.
As a finish I used Motip primer and black lacquer. At a later stage I’m going to have the entire rack powder coated. We are planning to update the right side of the rack as well. More on that later.

I have ordered the (much too expensive) “tethered cap”. So 29 bucks for an extra thread to it.

After installation, the tank is neatly finished and sits as if it were there always.
This yields 6 litres of extra gasoline and an 120km extra travelling range with original engine. However not with our engine, because of the tuning project with Rottweiler and Dynojet stuff. Se our other project about that.

How does this Camel tank actually work? Ah, pretty simple:
The gasoline hose is mounted to the vented nipple at the tank cap. As a result, the engine sucks the gasoline from the camel tank, due to the vacuum resulting from the tank level dropping.
The range measurement of the KTM itself will no longer be correct.
With our engine it works like this: the range remains on 350km for a long time. Then it suddenly starts to take off again and we know that the camel tank is empty at that point and the remaining range will be correct.

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