1984 Sinclair QL met Qimsi, Tetroid SGC, Minerva

My first computer in 1984 was a Sinclair QL.
Still have some of those because love tinkering with them old stuff…
There is a very large international community of skilled people still actively developing hardware for this wonderfull machine.

I just love the oldskool SuperBasic programming and keep updating my machine with new gadgets…
This one has:

  • Tetroid Super Gold Card with 4Mb RAM and 24Mhz 68020 cpu, battery backed RTC, etc
  • Minerva ROM
  • Qimsi (use it mainly for modern usb mouse + keyboard and high speed SD as sdd)
  • QL2VGA (with Raspberry pico converts RGB to VGA for real sharp display on flat screen)
  • retro Qumana dual 3,5″ FDD
  • QL Power Converter (modern power supply)
  • New keyboard Membrane

I only still have one problem with the Qimsi: i cannot get my USB PS/2 keyboard to work.

QL met SGC, Minverva en Qimsi
Tags: QL, retrocomputing, Sinclair

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